Cafe in the Market

Auckland, New Zealand

Business Development, Market, Retail

There's a NEW Market coming soonlargest

Auckland will follow the Success of Brisbane and Sydney with a Entertainment and Food location.

So if you have a keen eye for a great coffee, or related food concept, please take a look and call.


This market will be near a large population base, attract local's and tourism. With over 60 food vendors, 50 retailers and two stages.


Managed by a great team, with 30 years experience, and lead by skilled experts from The Franchise Manager.

3 years in the making to bring the biggest and best to Auckland.

We have the Master rights to the state, all related areas and more available with candidates calling daily.



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2WORKsmart professional training is provided to all accepted candidates. This programme has assisted thousands into a new business opportunity.

And you also get our GET-BUILD-SELL buybuildsell_smallprogramme from The Franchise Manager, 12 months of ongoing skills and knowledge based support to further make sure you can get the results we talk about.

John Graumans

Phone Number :

About : Once upon a time: well maybe it was a little like a fairy tale, in 1984 after assisting with a family business John got his first Carpet Cleaning machine, in the next 4 years he built the Magna Dry brand into a 89 strong team and worked with the principals in Australia to advance the brand to over 400. Also bringing on Fabric and Fire protection, StairCare, Building Maintenance, Shop FitOut, Landscaping, House Wash, Automotive mobile and 45 other business concepts. In recent years he has added SameDay Print, ArtTrix, My-Designer, My-Cloud, My-Support and the 2WORKsmart license operation. His strengh is in getting the systems and processes to automate and reduce the cost of doing business. Phone: New Zealand - Wellington +64 4889 3882 - Auckland +64 9889 3812 Australia - Sydney +612 8005 6886 Mobile +614 5114 8442

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